SAS Europe Recharge 2018

23rd - 24th January, Zoku Amsterdam, The Netherlands

From its humble beginnings as a 13th-century fishing village on a river bed to its current role as a major hub for business, tourism and culture, Amsterdam has had a strong tradition as a centre of culture and commerce, making this city the perfect location for SAS EUROPE RECHARGE 2018.

And we think there's no better place to host the first Recharge than the multi-award winning Zoku Amsterdam venue - here's host, Piers Brown with a short pre-event video update about what to expect.

Where collaboration inspires innovation

Get up to speed on what’s happening in the regional European markets at this unique start-of-the-year forum - a focus on the latest developments and markets in the region. SAS EUROPE RECHARGE 2018 is a two-day serviced apartment, apart-hotel, extended stay and short term rental business event, featuring a prestigious line up of leaders.

Forget walking an exhibit hall or sitting through hours of boardroom presentations

Most sessions will be 'short and punchy,' curated in debate, workshop and problem solving formats to help stimulate collective conversation, collaboration, innovation and value creation to help drive your business and the sector forward. Presentations will be in PechaKucka format - 20 seconds per slide and a maximum of 20 slides. 

Intimate and personable, Peer-led learning, Unforgettable networking

Join hospitality leaders for honest dialogue in this unique setting which promises to provide a great environment for creating engaged business relationships and stimulating thoughts and ideas!


SAS Europe Recharge 2018

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