Felicity Emmett


Felicity Emmett

UK Country Manager

Felicity Emmett heads up the UK market for Infraspeak, the Facilities Management and Maintenance software that users love to use. The company was founded in 2015 in Porto, and has expanded across the world in the past four years, now helping over 18,000 buildings run more simply and efficiently. Service-driven businesses like hotels are our most passionate customers, seeing the impact it can have on their ability to deliver top-notch customer experience when everything on site works. 

Felicity comes from a background in business and commercial strategy, with a keen interest in the ripple effect of technology on industries. She is therefore particularly focused on how Infraspeak can positively impact the overall business of its customers as well as evolving Infraspeak's approach to best align with the UK market's needs, aiming always to be increasingly useful.

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"This is a wonderful conference. Coming from the US, it gives us exposure to operators and potential partners here in Europe that we wouldn’t normally have access to. We’re looking for some likeminded partners and there are some really great ones here at the conference."

Ken Brown, VP global solutions, Furnished Quarters

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